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Hong Kong population basically Compose My Essay for Me Services by

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Colonization has had an immediate influence on the globalization and this can be reflected in the manner by which the masters have attempted to affect their colonies on issues regarding the worldwide financial decisions and other international conclusions.

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This paper concentrates on the effect of the colonization about the indigenous population languages and literature. The regional languages from Hong Kong were sabotaged during the colonial period as a consequence of the language wars and competition among different languages along with English, the language of the colonizers. The survival of the native languages depended upon the ecosystem as well as the social financial survival conditions existing within a particular set up in Hong Kong. There has been a wonderful loss of the indigenous languages from the locals particularly those who were attacked by the Europeans.
In layman language, colonization usually means the command of a single population be an alternative, the European kind of colonization of the Asian and African nations in the previous four centuries was mainly through using military force though globalization might have begun during the colonization phase since the languages utilized with the colonizer have been embraced throughout out the globe and are even used by the threatened local languages.

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Globalization is not universal but it happens in a complex arena. Language has been a important drive to the globalization of the economies since most countries using a common language participate in exchange of technology and products with no language barrier leading to economic growth consequently globalization.
From the process of globalization, speech was an essential tool to discuss the financial plans and agreements between the developed nations and less or developed nations. In situations where the ancient language either French or English are used, the local who arent familiar remain isolated while the affluent individuals who in most instances have lost their ancestral language deal on their behalf although not always to benefit the local natives but to benefit the colonizers.

In Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, English has been used as the Victorian age in the multinational discussion as well as any worker in such networks must be eloquent and even though it is not employed by the many educated people, it is referred to as pidgin. This is the reason the local taxpayers of Hong Kong utilize the regional languages that might be either Putonghua, Cantonese or Malay in running the market in all industries while English is only used where theres nationwide with distinct native or local language.
Contrary to the United States where English is the lingua franca and one is unlikely to encounter neighborhood canvassing in their regional languages, even at Hong Kong, its spoken with the minority and does not threaten the local languages whatsoever as noted in "While in many parts of the United States and Canada, it would be hard to travel and speak with the local people without talking English, comprehension of only English can be bothersome while vacationing in Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong". [1] In a nut shell, the local indigenous languages have been jeopardized where the foreign language will be the lingua franca.

The fact that local languages have not been threatened by colonization in Hong Kong does not follow that theyre not threatened with globalization. Chinese that has become the widely used language from the business transactions and has sabotaged the neighborhood native language in Taiwan while Malay which has come to be the most widespread language in Malaysia has sabotaged other indigenous languages in the class of globalization.
It is of paramount character to remember that English endangered the regional languages in the from the colonies not mainly during the trade or manipulation but during the settlement this is because the Britons needed their colonies to infringe their speech to ease communication.
Globalization should not be supposed to be a phenomenon which started recently but is equally as outdated as colonization.

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Globalization may be in shape of a people being able to embrace the speech with a foreigner; during this instance the globalization of Hong Kong started if the English talking colonialist settled there and also as some of the population of Hong Kong lost their indigenous language to embrace the new language. Learning English thats a business language on earth was very valuable to Hong Kong because English is among the most widespread languages in the world.
This is to imply that the adoption of those European countries from the colonies throughout the era of colonization has been in a type of globalization because the languages display some form of unity and in precisely the identical period, the languages have been used in transaction of business.

This makes the present type of globalization differ from all the ancient time like the ancient Roman that spent the communication by trying to improve and improve the efficiency of the communication methods while the current type of globalization concentrates on commerce, production and technologies, as noted "the English language is utilized in lieu of the international business transactions" (Wu, 2006 pg 99-100). This means that the Chinese individuals have a competitive edge since some can convey eloquently in the world business arena as they can communicate in different languages required by most international businesses so that they can penetrate the international market.
As discussed above, globalization began as early as the time of colonization, but there were different types of colonization and consequently these influenced how the indigenous local languages were affected. Some of these positive consequences of colonization and globalization of the neighborhood in Hong Kong in clued the next;

OAfter adoption of English, they can easily get jobs in the English speaking countries
OThey acted as interpreters for the natives,
OThey were considered to be civilized by the other natives since they might communicate in a foreign language that was thought superior to the international languages and this has been considered to be a form of civilization.

Some of the negative impacts of colonization and globalization of the neighborhood in Hong Kong added the following;
There was reduction of their indigenous culture,
Some were believed to be betrayers by their own native Men and Women
In which the case, the majority of the colonizers still attempt to restrain some political and economic conclusion of their colonies. This implies though Hong Kong obtained independence from the Britons several years back, Britain still attempts to influence it on international problems such as the economy, political strategy and commerce.

The effect of the colonizers, Britain, is extremely evident in Hong Kong because she embraced the political and administrative system which resembles that of the Britain during the colonial moment. This system wasnt democratic and is highly criticized by many citizens of Hong Kong. Although its clear that Hong Kong population basically is composed of those immigrants, they assume the Chinese civilization but rather adore their colonizers because the Chinese language has been was tremendously influenced by the colonizers terminology and also could not be clearly be identified compared to the English vocabulary which was unique, fresh and intriguing for the immigrants that had been some things familiar to Chinese vocabulary.

The citizens of the Hong Kong reside in a state dominated by the Britain colonial system and several activists are searching for decolonization of the people of Hong Kong according to Toro-Morn, Alicea, " use of English has been very advantageous to the people of Hong Kong … Though in one way or another, it is impacts the political strategy" (Toro-Morn, Alicea, 2004, pg 38).
Even though colonization and globalization go hand in hand, the level of influence of this current society by the colonizer is dependent mostly on the values embraced from the colonizer such as speech, constitution along with other matters. It is essential for countries which were colonized by the Europeans to analyze the topics features they embraced from their colonizers and assimilate the positive ones while facing with all the negative ones.

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